Check Pifra DDO Monthly Expenditure Online 2024

Pifra DDO monthly expenditure can be checked online. DDO Ber is a monthly-operating online system for budget execution. The monthly budget distribution and expenditure report are available to draw and distribute government employees and officers for specific purposes. You and the government must submit their monthly expenditure reports to preserve the monthly expenditure. 

Every DDO Ber has a unique code assigned to the employees’ sector or department. You will immediately learn everything about your pay and monthly compensation, including training remittances, all other audits, Pifra Salary Pay Slip Monthly Bills & Pifra Registration 2024. 

PIFRA DDO Budget Execution Status 2024 – Monthly Guide

PIFRA DDO Budget Execution Status 2023 - Monthly Guide

Follow the given steps:

  1. Open the website Here
  2. Enter the Government Code.
  3. Now Enter the DDO code
  4. After entering both codes, you can see the PIFRA DDO monthly expenditure.

All you need to know is your government code and DDO code. If you don’t know what’s the government code, then we have explained it below as well.

DDO Budget Month Wise

Each DDO Ber has a unique code linked to the employee’s sector or division. This code has six characters. The first two letters of the alphabet are the department code, and the final four are your employee code number.

The DDO code is just for DDO officials and is not intended for the public. The officers can use this code to access the PIFRA website and create budgets and expenditures according to their needs.

Additionally, you can sign up for PIFRA via the PIFRA registration form.

Details of PIFRA Code List

Visit the FABS website,, for more information about the PIFRA code list.

  • Go to Service. 
  • Open Budget Execution Report
  • It will open a website, “”

If the FABS website occasionally stops functioning, you can open the PIFRA DDO URL ( directly in your Chrome browser.

Government Code

Every province has a different government code. This code indicates the location of your DDO. If you work for the Sindh government, you should type “S,” and if you are from Kashmir, you should enter “K.” The list of government codes is provided below.

F = Federal

N = KP Govt

S = Sindh

B = Balochistan

P = Punjab

DGP = District Govt Punjab

K = Kashmir

DGN = District Govt KP

K = Kashmir

GB = Gilgit-Baltistan

GBC = GB Council

C = Kashmir Council

DDO Code

The DDO code is the following code that needs to be entered. The DDO code is already explained in the “DDO Budget Month Wise” title.

The entire online Budget execution status will be obtained once you have entered your Government Code and DDO Code and clicked the search button.


On our website, you may get information on PIFRA and the PIFRA spending plan as PIFRA DDO Ber thoroughly guides you. We hope this article was helpful, and now you can quickly check the Pifra DDO monthly expenditure.

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