How To Submit Your PTCL Complaint Online In 2024

Reducing waiting times, the PTCL SMS Complaint service allows you to submit your concerns over the phone. Simply text the following information to 05 1218 1218: CMP Landline Number, area code, and product code (LL for landline and BB for broadband).

Additionally, you may text “Help” to 0512181218.

PTCL Complaint

PTCL Complaints – Register a New PTCL Complaint 

You might occasionally need or want assistance with PTCL’s goods or services. Consider a situation where your phone line went out, was distorted, had connectivity issues, had slow internet, or even if your EVO Wingle or CharJi gadget wasn’t receiving correct signals and 3G and 4G speeds. You should then file a complaint with PTCL.

You would feel the urge to speak with a genuine human-managed support person at that time of frustration in order to address your problems as soon as possible.

For the concerns or problems you are having with PTCL’s services, there are several options to file a complaint. Through the PTCL complaint hotline, a user can submit a complaint by SMS or phone call.

PTCL Complaint From Mobile

Simply dial 1218 to contact the PTCL hotline from a landline or mobile/cell phone number, and after a little delay, you will be connected to PTCL support staff at their call center. Because there may be a line of callers waiting to speak with the helpline agent, sometimes you must wait a little longer. You may also use the PTCL complaint WhatsApp number to submit your complaint.

PTCL Complaint Using SMS

By receiving client complaints via SMS, PTCL has developed a creative and quick solution to consumer problems. Customers may now simply file a complaint about any problems they are having with PTCL services using their own mobile devices.

The detailed process for making an SMS complaint to PTCL is shown below.

Simple procedures to file an SMS complaint are as follows:

  • In your SMS application, enter CMP.
  • Enter your landline phone number and area code.
  • Enter the PTCL product code (LL for landline, BB for broadband)
  • text messages to 0512181218
  • A complaint registration number will be given to you.
  • For instance, CMP 0423586XXXX BB
  • Alternatively, just text “HELP” to “05 1218 1218”

PTCL Complaint Using Live Chat

Customers may also use the PTCL live chat feature to communicate with PTCL customer service in real-time, have their problems answered, or file complaints. This is a quick and practical approach to get in touch with the helpdesk. However, live support representatives are only accessible Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 9 PM.

PTCL Complaint Using Online Form

Alternatively, you may just file a complaint by visiting the official website of PTCL. Simply follow the procedures below to file a complaint on their website:

  • Navigate to the PTCL Complaint Register website.
  • A form will be seen.
  • You can choose the service for which you wish to file a complaint in the product area.
  • You may be more descriptive by specifying the precise problem you are experiencing in the Complaint Type area.
  • Next, input the landline area code for your city in City Code and your phone number in the section after that.
  • To obtain a response from PTCL representatives, you must also enter your active email address.

How to Check Your Complaint Status?

By visiting PTCL’s official website, you may not only file a complaint but also track its progress. Simply adhere to the instructions below to verify the status of your filed complaint.

  • Visit the PTCL Complaint Status page
  • A form will appear.
  • You can choose the service for which you’ve already filed a complaint by checking the box next to the product field.
  • Give your phone number and area code after that.
  • Enter your complaint number, which you should have received when you filed a complaint, in the last field.

PTCL Complaint via PTCL Whatsapp:

Through the PTCL Complaint WhatsApp number, you may file a complaint. To receive a rapid answer, save their official Whatsapp number, “03312181218,” and give them a “Hi.” Through this, you may obtain other services like:

  • Recognize your PTCL Bill
  • Check the progress of your PTCL complaints.
  • Purchase a new PTCL service.
  • Download applications
  • watch instructional videos
  • We offer you our PTCL Speed Test tool if you want to check your PTCL internet speed. It will inform you of the Ping, Upload, and Download speeds of your internet connection.

PTCL Registered Office:

Corporate Headquarters, Block-E, G-8/4,

Islamabad-44000, Pakistan.


We’ve given you a few options up above for registering PTCL complaints. These methods include SMS, Call, Email, Live Chat, and filling a form online with the necessary data. Please get in touch with us if you’re still having trouble filing a complaint or if you have any questions.


How can I file a complaint with PTCL?

The PTCL SMS Complaint service, which cuts down on waiting time, allows you to submit your concerns over the phone. Simply text the following information to 05 1218 1218: CMP Landline Number, area code, and product code (LL for landline and BB for broadband).

What is PTCL complaint number?

Corporate Customer Centers
New service requirement or purchase assistance: 1218
Corporate Helpline: 1260 & 111 20 20 20
Billing information: 1200
Inquiry or directory services: 1217
Complaint registration or help on any fault: 1218

How can I contact PTCL using WhatsApp to complain?

To obtain the main menu, simply say “Hi” after saving our PTCL WhatsApp number 033 1218 1218 on your phone with whatever name you choose. Start the ordering procedure by typing “1.” How can I file a complaint?

How can I reach PTCL on my mobile device?

Call 080080800 or 1236 toll-free for sales information. To contact assistance, dial 080080800 or 1218 for free.
Examining Bill.
Domestic and international tariffs.
File a Complaint.
Dispute Status.
video instruction.
Directory of Contacts.

Is ptcl complaint help desk is free?

The PTCL helpdesk is uncharged.
You may make calls to 1218 using your PTCL Landline number.

Why do you dial 1218?

You may dial this number from a landline or a mobile device.

How can I make a mobile call to PTCL customer service?

Just dial 1218.

How can I obtain a duplicate PTCL bill?

Enter your PTCL phone number and PTCL Account ID, which you may find on your previous PTCL statement, on the PTCL Duplicate Bill page.

Who is the PTCL CEO?

Hatem Bamatraf is the PTCL’s current CEO.

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