Islamabad Postal Codes: Find the Right Code for Your Area

Are you looking for the correct postal code for your area in Islamabad? Whether you send a letter or parcel, having a valid postal code is crucial to ensure timely and accurate delivery.

This article will provide all the information about Islamabad postal codes, including how to find them, their format, and FAQs.

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Islamabad Postal Code Format

Islamabad postal codes

The postal code for Islamabad starts with 44000 and is followed by a three-digit code that identifies a specific area or neighborhood. The first two digits of the code represent the district, while the last digit represents the delivery zone within that district.

For example, the postal code for F-7, a residential area in Islamabad, is 44000-707. The first two digits, 44, represent the Islamabad district, while the last three, 707, represent the delivery zone for F-7.

Islamabad Postal Code List

In Pakistan, postal codes consist of 5 digits and are written at the end of an address to allow automated mail sorting to a specific post office or address. Islamabad has several areas with their respective postal codes, as listed in the table below.

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The following table lists some of the most popular areas in Islamabad and their corresponding postal codes:

Area NamePostal codeNameState Name
ALI PUR FRASH45600IslamabadFederal Capital
BAGNIAL45240IslamabadFederal Capital
BARA KAU45400IslamabadFederal Capital
CHIRAH45680IslamabadFederal Capital
GOLRA45200IslamabadFederal Capital
HERDOGHER45800IslamabadFederal Capital
ISLAMABAD AIWAN-E-SADDAR44040IslamabadFederal Capital
ISLAMABAD B-BLOCK PAK SECTT.44020IslamabadFederal Capital
ISLAMABAD CABINET BLOCK44030IslamabadFederal Capital
ISLAMABAD E-9 (AIR HQ)44230IslamabadFederal Capital
ISLAMABAD F-7 MARKAZ44210IslamabadFederal Capital
ISLAMABAD F-8 MARKAZ44220IslamabadFederal Capital
ISLAMABAD FEDERAL BOARD44320IslamabadFederal Capital
ISLAMABAD G.P.O44000IslamabadFederal Capital
ISLAMABAD G-10 MARKAZ44100IslamabadFederal Capital
ISLAMABAD G-5 FOREIGN OFFICE44050IslamabadFederal Capital
ISLAMABAD G-8/MARKAZ44080IslamabadFederal Capital
ISLAMABAD G-9/MARKAZ44090IslamabadFederal Capital
ISLAMABAD HAJJ COMPLEX45210IslamabadFederal Capital
ISLAMABAD I-10/MARKAZ44800IslamabadFederal Capital
ISLAMABAD I-8/444790IslamabadFederal Capital
KURI45570IslamabadFederal Capital
LOHI BHER45710IslamabadFederal Capital
MARA JAFFAR45250IslamabadFederal Capital
MODEL TOWN HUMAK45700IslamabadFederal Capital
NILORE45650IslamabadFederal Capital
NOORPUR SHAHAN45300IslamabadFederal Capital
PAKISTAN TOWN (KORANG TOWN)45720IslamabadFederal Capital
RAWAL TOWN45510IslamabadFederal Capital

How to Find Your Islamabad Postal Code

There are several ways to find your Islamabad postal code. The easiest way is to use Pakistan Post’s online postcode finder. Simply enter your complete address, and the website will provide you with the correct postal code for your area.

Alternatively, you can contact Pakistan Post’s customer service center at 051-111-111-117 and ask for assistance in finding your postal code.


Knowing the correct postal code is essential for ensuring your mail is delivered to a valid address on time. We hope this article has provided all the information you need to find your area’s correct Islamabad postal code.

Always double-check the code before sending any mail to ensure timely and timely mail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Islamabad HEC’s postal code is 44000-4530. Using the correct postal code is important to ensure it reaches its intended recipient.

Yes, having the correct postal code is essential to ensure timely and accurate mail delivery.

No, each area in Islamabad has a unique postal code, and using the wrong code may result in delayed or lost mail.

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