PIFRA DDO Position Code List 2024

To promote efficiency, transparency, and tight control over the eradication of ghost employees, the government of Pakistan has moved its payroll system and assigned funds to an online system.

Every department and its DDOs receive unique codes, known as POSITION CODES, that allow them to monitor the number of employees and the budget allotted to them online.

PIFRA Position Code

To prevent fraud, the Pakistani government has assigned position codes and implemented departmental managers to each department within the federal and provincial domains.

The Pakistani government has combined payroll strength with budgeted posts using position coding to assure the accuracy of power, designation, and BPS.

Position Code Benefits

Shifting to a digital system and maintaining government employee/staff and accounting records online have many advantages. The following list includes them.

  1. Actual Personnel Strength (Area Wise)
  2. Tenders Expenditure
  3. IDs for designations

It’s so easy as they are now placing the code precisely for each department operating within governmental and provincial domains.

Area supervisors can now easily maintain tabs on the productivity of the office personnel operating under their jurisdiction. PIFRA has made it incredibly simple to discover the external costs brought on by unnecessary spending and duplication.

How To Check PIFRA Position Code?

Below, we’ll describe how to obtain the position code of the relevant DDO:

  1. Visit the official website using this link http://m.pifra.gov.pk/ddops# 
  2. Enter the government code in the respective field.
  3. Enter the DDO code in the DDO Code field.
  4. Click the search button.
  5. A list of employees related to the respective DDO will open.
  6. You can view their positions, name, grades, and job description from the List.

This report can determine how many employees work in each district. It is possible to keep track of the payments made based on grades. DDOs have access to view and confirm each grade’s allowance eligibility.

It will aid in detecting those working for the government but not on the payroll, such as ghost employees, which was a significant problem in Pakistan.

Problems With The Manual System

Previously, because of manual processes, government personnel had to wait long to claim their expenditures and frequently had to deal with unjustified rejections. Now, however, they can have their travel allowances dispensed following their entitlement. 

By developing an online portal, the Pakistani government has changed the system and made it easier for government employees.


We hope this article was helpful, and now you know how to check the position code of the respective DDO.

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