How To Get Print PTCL Duplicate Bill Online | Comprehensive Guide

How To Get PTCL Duplicate Bill

By visiting, you may get the PTCL duplicate Bill 2023 online. Afterward, provide some relevant information to obtain a printed bill that may be submitted. To download the latest bill, you must provide your landline number and PTCL account ID. You are always free to inspect your duplicate PTCL bill. Additionally, you may look at the PTCL bill’s history.

PTCL Duplicate Bill

Requirements To Check PTCL Bill:

Both of these are required in order to see your recent ptcl bill online:

  • Account Id
  • Phone Number 

It goes without saying that everyone is aware of his phone number, but this is insufficient to obtain a duplicate ptcl bill. You need to have your account ID since, without it, you cannot get bill information. 

Don’t enter a phone number with an area code when reviewing your PTCL bill; instead, enter the number without the area code.

If you don’t know your phone number or account id, you can call the ptcl helpline and inquire about what phone number and account id are registered against your CNIC. However, you cannot check your ptcl bill online using your CNIC number.

Download Your Bill

In Pakistan, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the biggest supplier of landline telephone service and internet access. This firm uses the telephone and internet systems the most. This is mostly employed in familiar settings like homes, companies, and schools.

Due to the monthly subscription model, Ptcl permits its users to submit their bills on the twentieth of each month. The services will be cut off or canceled if your payment is not received by the deadline.

Most frequently, it is possible that your PTCL bill was misplaced or that it was not received before the filing deadline. This issue results in penalties in the form of additional fees since you delayed paying the PTCL bill.

These days it’s quite simple and cost-free to check your PTCL phone and internet bills online. You can also request a duplicate PTCL bill that has been updated as needed by providing your phone number and record ID.

Now, PTCL offers the option to obtain a copy of your broadband (internet) invoices online, allowing you to obtain as many duplicate bills as you like with just one click. The biggest telecom company in Pakistan is Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), which has more than 20 million customers nationwide.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), which licenses all telephone and communication businesses throughout Pakistan, has permitted Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) to operate. PTCL is a legitimate business operating under PTA’s purview. Promotions are made by PTCL in accordance with PTA guidelines that are exclusive to PTCL. Without PTA’s approval, PTCL cannot offer the connection.

Online Payment Facility for PTCL Bill

Customers of PTCL may pay their Bill 2023 online using their accounts. Users of PTCL can obtain duplicate bills, or bills, for their preferred products, such as the internet or smart TV bills from PTCL EVO or their landline bill.

Every service provider’s top objective is to make their clients’ lives easier, and PTCL never forgets this. The business provides quick and simple solutions to pay bills online. Now you may pay your payment while sitting at home using simple paisa or jazz cash, eliminating the need to visit a bank branch or merchant.

About PTCL:

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is a well-known and prominent supplier of landline and Internet services in Pakistan. The Pakistani government owns a large portion of PTCL. In addition to shares, it is operating under PTA’s direction (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority).

In Pakistan, PTCL offers a variety of broadband internet, dial-up, telephone, and TV services with effective and affordable solutions. All PTCL clients have the option of receiving their bills both online and in paper form at their residential or business locations.

You can request that your ptcl connection be moved to a new address if you are moving to a new location within the same city. To do this, call the ptcl helpline and explain that you are changing your address but still want to keep your ptcl connection. The company will then send a qualified individual to your new address to install the ptcl connection.

If you use ptcl broadband and have misplaced your bill, you may easily make a new one online and print it off to pay at any bank branch. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding your PTCL Packages, internet, or cellular bill.

PTCL Bill Status

To find out whether your bill has been paid or not, check the ptcl bill status. By account ID or phone number with area code, you may check the progress of payment. You may check the status of any of those items here if you have one.

Customers of PTCL may view their most recent bill on both the official website ( and The process of checking an online bill at (bill check Karne ka Tarika) is quite simple and works with all gadgets. On your mobile device, desktop computer, or any other device that enables internet surfing, you may check your ptcl WiFi bill.

The bill structure is simple to grasp, and both the bill amount and due date are highlighted in red to make them clear to view. Additionally, you may view your bill summary, internet use, and/or any other subscription-related fees (e.g. ptcl smart tv). You don’t need to worry about your connection speed, whether you’re utilizing a 2 Mbps, 4 Mbps, 8 Mbps, or any other speed, because the billing structure is the same for all types of broadband/internet connections. Enter the necessary data above to obtain your ptcl internet bill.


GPON is PTCL’s brand of high-speed internet. By entering your phone number and account ID in the sections, you may obtain the gpon bill just like a regular ptcl telephone bill. Any bank that accepts ptcl utility bills will accept payment for this web-generated bill.


I hope this essay has aided in your comprehension of the idea of a ptcl duplicate bill. For any additional questions or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact the helpline at (1218) or visit Betpro Exchange for further insights.


How Can I Reload My PTCL Account Online?

You may now use your PTCL landline to recharge your pre-paid accounts. Please call 1236 or go to the PTCL OSS closest to you to register.
Options For Paying Bills
Sign up on the E-payment website.
Check your mail and use a PIN to verify your email address.
Log in and use a credit or debit card to pay your EVO bill.

How Can I Pay For My PTCL MDN Number?

To check your bill, enter your phone number or MDN. Select a prepaid balance, debit card, or credit card. Click “Pay Now.” Give your debit or credit card information before tapping “Pay” to finish the transaction.

How Can I Obtain A Duplicate Phone Bill?

Select the bill that has to be replicated in the bills module. Click Clone under the More drop-down menu. The information for the bill that is to be replicated is shown in a new bill window that will appear. Click on Save after making any required changes.

My Phone Bill Is Due, How Do I Pay It?

You can do it through My Bell’s website
Log in to MyBell.
Click Make a payment if you have just one Mobility account. Make a payment after choosing View service details if you have several Mobility accounts.
Select Next after entering the payment information and credit card information.
After checking your payment details, click Submit.

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