How To Check Pifra Budget Online – A Complete Guide

The main goal of the PIFRA budget check guide online is to implement reforms and innovations in the public sector to better serve the general public, especially government employees. All government officers and employees have access to the monthly spending and budget distribution reports on the issue of interest. To guarantee the consistency of their monthly expenditures, DDOs and government personnel must provide monthly reports of expenditures.

How To Obtain The Government Of Pakistan’s Object-level Budget Information

You can check your budget position online using the following criteria to get an object-by-object analysis of your spending.

  • Total Budget
  • The amount of the budget release 
  • brand-new approval
  • brand-new expenditures
  • what are the balances

You Must First Understand The Following In Order To Check Your Budget.

  • DDO Code (code that is printed on budget code)
  • Government Code

Steps To Follow In Order To Pifra Budget Check Guide Online:

  1. Go to the fabs government of Pakistan’s website
  2. Choose the menu item “Services” from the menu bar. a list will show up on your screen.
  3. Now from many available options click on Budget Execution Report.
Pifra Budget Check Guide Online
  1. Enter the code (DDO code and Government code).

By object-wise, you will determine your budget position. Alternatively, you can print your budget list and delete any columns you don’t want to see.

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