How To Check & Download AGPunjab Pay Slip

Follow the below guide to check and download the pay slip.

  1. Visit AGPunjab (official website of Accountant General Punjab)
  2. You can also use the PIFRA website for this purpose. Choose whatever you want. 
  3. For an employee to check and download a pay slip, it’s necessary to register with the PIFRA. 
  4. Visit the PIFRA website for registration and then go to the payslip section. 
  5. Fill out the form with the required details, including name, address, mobile and ID card number, email, province, and employee code. 
  6. Once you have provided these accurate details, click on submit for approval. 
  7. After a short time, you’ll be notified via email whether the registration is successful or not. 
  8. Once the registration is approved, you’ll have access to the Accountant General Punjab website. From there, you can check and download the pay slip. 
AGPunjab Pay Slip

Features of the Accountant General Punjab Website

The AGPunjab is responsible for accommodating the government servants of Punjab. The AG Punjab office’s duty is to provide funds and advances to employees who apply for general reasons. Furthermore, the candidate can apply online or by visiting the AG Punjab office or sending the request application from the parent unit. 

The AG Punjab office has all the records and is eligible to raise funds and payroll for every employee in Punjab. They have an excellent technical staff that manages the system each month. 

The AGP keeps the data of each employee, whether they retire from the job or just entered the position. 

Facilitations of AG Punjab Website

Here are the five main facilities that the AGP website provides. 

  1. Bill Status
  2. DDO Budget Details
  3. Salary Slip 
  4. Vendor Information 
  5. DDO reconciliation 

Check and Download Teachers Payslip Online

If you are a teacher and don’t know how to check or download your payslip online, then don’t worry. Checking and downloading your payslip through Accountant General Punjab is easy. But before that, you must register with the PIFRA using the above method. After that, follow this method. 

  • Login to the AGP website. 
  • Provide username and password
  • On the dashboard, you’ll see the Payslip option. Click on that, and you’ll be able to see all your previous and current payment details. 

People also ask

How much time for GP Fund?

Typically it takes around five days to transfer or seven days to hand over your GP fund. The time is the same for advance and final payment.

Who will be paid the GP fund after the death of the employee?

Typically the forms are filed at the beginning of the employee about the next of kin. However, the employee’s family member has the right to get paid the GP fund. For example, for a male employee, after their death, his wife will be nominated for a GP fund. While for female employees, the husband will be selected for the GP fund.

How do I check my payslip online?

To check your PIFRA salary online, you need to first register on the PIFRA salary slip registration web page. Simply enter your personal details such as your CNIC number, date of birth, and mobile number. Once you’ve entered these details, provide your email address and now you will receive your payslip online.

How can I download PIFRA salary slip?

Click on the “Employee Pay Slip” tab on the left side of the page, enter your employee number, enter the month and year, and click generate. When the slips are generated you can easily download them with the download button shown in front of each month’s payslip.


I hope now you know how to Check and Download AGPunjab Pay Slip. Follow the above method, register to the PIFRA website, and then use your username and password to check the payslips. For further details, visit the official website of Accountant General Punjab.

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