How To Check CNIC Details With Picture online In Pakistan 2024

How To Check CNIC Details With Picture? The NADRA organization works on CNIC issues in Pakistan. It’s responsible for all aspects of CNIC. Its system tracks and keeps all records of citizens. In this digital era, Most people want to check CNIC details with pictures online. The government of Pakistan allows the public to check their CNIC details with pictures on NADRA Official website through smartphones or computers.

Now you can get your CNIC details, picture, and other details from the NADRA database online. In this article, we have discussed various methods. We have covered in this blog the complete process, requirements, and necessary details. So let’s get deeper into the details.

How To Check CNIC Details With Picture

Get Started with CNIC Verification and Tracking (NADRA)

NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) is the official organization of Pakistan. This organization keeps all the records and tracks the citizens. It also keeps the data of dead citizens.

The National Database and Registration Authority have a huge database system. This database has all the records about the citizens of Pakistan. NADRA allows you to verify and track your CNIC online. Through this outstanding service, you can find details of any CNIC and verify whether the information is correct or wrong. It may help to decrease crimes In Pakistan.

This great service is available all over Pakistan and will also be available for overseas Pakistani soon.

How to Check ID card through SMS?

How To Check CNIC Details With Picture? NADRA allows you to check your CNIC ID card details via sms. The process is quite simple and easy to follow. The only thing you need to do is text your CNIC number to 8300. Sms must be sent from the registered mobile phone. The registration of your mobile must be done in your name. After sending the sms, you will receive a reply with complete information about your ID card details. These details will contain your name, father’s name, birth date, and ID card’s expiry date, etc. Don’t forget you can use this service free of the cast at 24/7 hours.

How to Check CNIC Details with Picture Online?

Pakistani citizens can check their CNIC ID card details with their picture online without any hassle. No need to go to the NADRA office and face any problems. Furthermore, If you have applied for a new ID card, you can also check its status on the NADRA website. It is the easiest method for getting all your details, including your name, father’s name, date of birth, address, gender, and all relevant information. You only need a mobile number, an internet connection, a laptop or computer, and your CNIC number to check CNIC details online. Visit the NADRA website and signup with your personal information. You’ll receive a link with Private Dashboard via SMS within a few seconds. On the dashboard, you can see all the information, including pictures. There is no charge for using this service for Pakistani citizens.

NADRA Verisys

NADRA Verisys is a system that has a database. This database keeps all your information and also tracks you via CNIC. You can get all the detail on your CNIC number From this database. Firstly you need to apply on Verisys. On Verisys, you can apply very easily online and in a few minutes. It has a 100% secure system. You can apply on Verisey without any hassle. The most important thing to remember is that the NADRA requires a declaration before tracking, checking, or asking for photos.

How to Apply for NADRA Verisys?

You can apply for NADRA Verisys very easily with some easy steps. You need to follow the following instructions for applying to Verisys online.

The most important thing you need to have is your CNIC number. Without a CNIC number, you cannot apply on Verisys.

  • Visit the official website of NADRA.
  • On the homepage, you will see the Verisys option. Click it. You will be redirected to another page.
  • An application form will appear on this new page.
  • Make sure to fill out all the required information on the form, such as name and CNIC number.
  • When you filled the form, then click the “search” button. In that section, you will find all the information you need.

How to Verify Nadra’s Record?

Here is the method how to verify and track CINC in Pakistan. For verification, You need a NADRA e-portal account. It is the easiest way to verify CNIC through your mobile phone.

Read out the convenient steps below for getting relevant information about NADRA CNIC.

  • On your phone, select the message option.
  • Write the CNIC number for verification.
  • Send an SMS to 7000.
  • You should have at least Rs. 15 on your mobile because it will charge you Rs. 10+ tax.
  • You will get a reply in a couple of seconds, along with all details.


Is it possible to check CNIC details with a picture online?

No, it is not possible to check CNIC details with a picture online as it is a violation of privacy and against the policies of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), which is responsible for managing CNIC information.

Can I check my own CNIC details with a picture?

No, you cannot check your own CNIC details with a picture online. However, you can check your CNIC details by visiting a NADRA office or using the NADRA mobile app.

What information can I check through CNIC details?

You can check various details through CNIC, including your name, father’s name, date of birth, address, and marital status. However, some information may not be available to the public, such as your fingerprints and other biometric data. It is important to note that the information available through CNIC details is sensitive, and using it for illegal purposes is a criminal offense.


Lastly, we discussed all the methods in our article. Using these methods, you can easily obtain complete CNIC details with pictures.We hope this article was beneficial for you.

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