How To Unsubscribe Telenor Whatsapp Package 2024

In Pakistan, Telenor is the second biggest mobile telecom services provider, with 45 million active subscribers and the How To unsubscribe telenor WhatsApp package. The company holds a 27% market share in the industry. It is also the first cellular network to officially launch a 4.5G LTE Advance in the state. 

Telenor offers its subscribers several value-add Whatsapp packages. That keeps you in touch with your friends and family. A mobile telecom company committed to delivering high-quality Whatsapp bundles at an affordable price. As we know, we can only activate the new whats app package once we unsubscribe old packages. So, this blog will guide you on how to subscribe and unsubscribe Telenor Whatsapp package. So, let’s start.

How To Unsubscribe Telenor Whatsapp Package

Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Packages

Telenor gives you 2000 MBs of Whatsapp Data with one-month validation at the cheapest rates. You can deactivate it at any time. Here we will share Telenor’s monthly Whatsapp packages activation and deactivation methods with some easy steps.

How to Subscribe to Telenor Monthly Free WhatsApp Packages?

  • Open the dialer pad on your cell phone and dial *247#.
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • You will receive a message from Telenor with your activated bundle and validation.

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How to Unsub Telenor Monthy WhatsApp Package?

Method 1

  • Open the dial pad on your handset and dial *124#.
  • You will receive a message shortly.
  • The message will contain unsubscription details.

Method 2

Here’s another way to unsubscribe from Whatsapp

  • Tap the dial pad and enter *147#
  • You will receive a notification of de deactivation.

Telenor Whatsapp And Monthly Social Pack

Telenor offers a monthly social package to its subscribers at a reasonable price with any extra hidden charges. You can get Facebook & WhatsApp 3000 MBs and 10,000 SMS with one-month validation. Here are the details. Don’t miss how to check Telenor minutes.

How to Subscribe to Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Packages And Monthly Social Pack?

  • Open your mobile dial pad.
  • Dial *911# and press the dialer.
  • Wait for a while.
  • After a few seconds, you will receive an activation message.

How To Unsub Telenor WhatsApp Package?

  • Dial *999# from your mobile phone and press dialer
  • Your unsubscription bundle will be confirmed in a few seconds.

Telenor Weekly WhatsApp Packages

Telenor weekly Whatsapp packages are more incredible. It gives you 100 MB +350 for Whatsapp, Twitter, and Fb with 1000 on-net minutes and 70 off-net minutes with 700 sms weekly. We describe weekly bundles with full instructions below. Have a look.

How to Subscribe to Telenor Weekly WhatsApp Packages?

  • On your mobile phone, dial *5*7#.
  • You will receive a subscription sms in less than a minute.

Telenor WhatsApp Weekly Package Unsubscribe Code

It is the same process as unsubscribing from a monthly bundle. Open the dial pad on your mobile and dial *999#.


How can I get 10gb in Telenor app?

Install the My Telenor app, go to Internet bundles, and subscribe to your desired Internet package. Or dial *225#  and get a 10 GB weekly pack. In addition, users will receive an extra 2GB of data for the Goonj app.

What is the code to check Telenor number 2023?

Dial code: *8888# from your smartphone dialer. You will receive a message with your Telenor sim number on your mobile screen for free.

What is Telenor 30?

With Telenor 30, you can get a discount on Telenor to Telenor, other networks, and PTCL numbers with Onnet Rs. 1.38 + tax. Offnet Rs. 1.38 + tax.


In the end, we have described all the activation and deactivation codes. After reading this article, we hope you can unsubscribe from WhatsApp packages easily. Feel free to ask any questions regarding Whatsapp packages in the comment box. We will cover for you.

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